Automotive industry

shutterstock_231819124 - resizedThe automotive industry has always required more innovativion and more automated production than most other industries. This requires quality, creativity, accuracy, cycle times, thoughtful solutions, and ease – also from subcontractors. Ever since Intek’s inception more than 30 years ago, ou biggest customers has always been in the automotive industry. This has given us that unique expertise and experience from which many of our other product areas also benefited.

Within the automotive industry, we specialize in:

  • Processing and assembly lines/cells
  • Product-specific custom machines
  • Special presses, press loading systems, and tool change system
  • Welding cells and fixtures for robotic welding
  • Product-specific and operator-customizable control systems
  • Prototype manufacturing and other machining

shutterstock_95256424 - resizeFrom beginning to start

Intek takes care of everything – from pre-planning to installation to commissioning – the start of a new and more efficient way of work. We have an international network of market-leading suppliers that produce all our materials. With our experience and expertise we develop customer ideas to turnkey solutions, adapted to their specific needs, requirements, and facilities.