Construction Industry

Intek bilder (4) - resizeAs a supplier of automated production lines, Intek has helped to streamline the entire construction industry. The challenge for the industry is that they are often required to produce small batches of products for specific orders.

Through software that allows for quick and automatic changeover between products, along with production processed that are controlled directly by CAD or similar systems, we work together with you, the client, to provide automated solutions with increased profitability. The solution we provide is 100% order-driven. Therefore, numbers are no longer an issue.

Statistics obtained by the construction industry has shown that artisans spend much more time on logistics and planning than on their own subjects. Through our solutions, we can ensure production, reporting or resource consumption, and traceability.

In our workshop, we also provide equipment for the manufacturing of products with sophisticated strength and material-property demands – such as foundation solutions or suspension systems for different types of cover and facades.

shutterstock_252033946 - resizedFrom beginning to start

Intek takes care of everything – from pre-planning to installation to commissioning – the start of a new and more efficient way of work. We have an international network of market-leading suppliers that produce all our materials. With our experience and expertise we develop customer ideas to turnkey solutions, adapted to their specific needs, requirements, and facilities.