Fishing Industry

Fishing headerOur knowledge of logistics solutions, production, and sustainable processes have made ​​us an important partner for any company in the fishing industry. We continue to deliver customized and innovative solutions to an industry that experiences constant growth.

Within the fishing industry, we specialize in:

  • Automation of process plants and special machines
  • Automation of CIP plants for fish processing plants
  • Palletizing cells for construction of airfreight Euro Pallets
  • Paths and web guides for transportation of goods and pallets
  • Custom operator-controlled systems

shutterstock_272482886 - resizeFrom beginning to start

Intek takes care of everything – from pre-planning to installation to commissioning – the start of a new and more efficient way of work. We have an international network of market-leading suppliers that produce all our materials. With our experience and expertise we develop customer ideas to turnkey solutions, adapted to their specific needs, requirements, and facilities.