ALTOP Upgrade for VU2, VU3, and VU4

altop 1Intek has retro-fitted a kit of Alfa Laval ALTOP valves to the AS-Interface. Within process control, we have successfully used a valve-control connected AS-i bus. We have agencies on AS-i bus equipment with chemically-resistant, round AS-i cables and short-circuit-proof connection boxes in IP67. Valve controllers for most known valves can be provided on the AS-i bus, along with pneumatic actuators. We can also upgrade the old processing plant by the retaining valve actuator, after which we can exchange the valve controller or upgrade old control heads with new electronics.

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altop 3Low cost upgrade of Alfa Laval ALTOP valves type VU2, VU3, and VU4 to AS-Interface

We upgraded Alfa Laval ALTOP valves to AS-Interface bus system. The valve modem and coaxial cable was replaced with AS-i gateways which was linked to the control system PLC. This gave the benefit of cost reduction for each of the valve tops and involved no physical reconstruction of the existing processing plants – no modification of valve batteries or replacement of valve engines required.

This was very cost effective and also environmentally friendly, as it promoted great reuse of existing materials.