Control of CIP Washing Station

CIP washing station 1CIP station

  • Temperature, concentration, and volume control
  • Flow control for CIP objects
  • Automatic kjemikalieinndosering
  • Timed energy efficiency (sleep function when not used)
  • EL heater for heating

Fact sheet:

  • WinCC (SCADA)
  • Pamper integrated into the main board, 19″ stainless steel screen
  • Industrial PC with UPS
  • Siemens PLC
  • ASi bus valve control
  • 70 process valves
  • IO valves on ASi bus with IP67

CIP recipe management

  • Prescription-based object control
  • Database parameters in HMI
  • Password protection
  • Friendly configuration of CIP parameters from HMI
  • Queue feature with autostart
  • Report generator for complete CIP which added to database

CIP objects

  • Tanker sinks
  • Pipecleaning