Upgrading Intouch to WinCC

Upgrading Intouch 1Intek has prepared a SCADA system based on WinCC Professional V11 SCADA software. Initially, the existing plants were equiped with older InTouch applications and HMI with Mitsubishi HMI. All functions were converted to WinCC, and thus the project also requires knowledge of the previously used solutions. The new HMI’et communicates with 3 PLCs and multiple devices connected to the plant via Ethernet, Profibus, and radio.

The plant was also upgraded to relay communication over TCP/IP instead of MPI, with an associated upgrade of communication PLCs. The plant performs dialing and transmission of alarms via SMS using a GSM modem.

Fact sheet:

  • New facility employs WinCC Pro V11
  • Number of tags is approximately 1900
  • 150 screenshots
  • 400 alarms
  • 3 Siemens PLC + bus units
  • 3 radios for remote reading
  • 2 monitors on operator space
  • Configured for remote web client
  • PC communication
  • GSM modem sends SMS messages on alarm

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In addition to the main station with the appropriate WinCC application, the same PC was set up with a WebNavigator server which allows for remote access from a number of WebNavigator clients. That is – the same screens can be accessed via remote access. Meanwhile, it conducted several process changes and extensions on the 3 PLCs which required process knowledge for the type of facility.

At the time of installation, this was the first facility in Norway based on the new SCADA software from Siemens.