Robot Systems

shutterstock_137265296 - resizeIntek is among the leaders in integrating robotic systems. We have a broad portfolio of equipment delivered by robot which ensures that the chosen solution works in practice, and that the correct robot with the correctly associated tool solves the problem efficiently.

We emphasize simulations at an early stage to ensure quality robot selection and cycle time. These simulations often results in dramatic improvements, giving benefits in terms of igangkjøringstid.

DSC_0012 - resizeOur employees use state-of-the-art platforms for simulation. We design and deliver most of the robots used in the Norwegian market (ABB, KUKA, Motoman, Mitsubishi).

We have developed programs for several well-known robot brands that safeguard basic functions, communications with control systems, etc. This results in significant savings in terms of programming and commissioning. In addition, subway systems are also reliable and entirely flexible.

Layout røros bruk - resizeWe are proud to host our own robot training center. In many of our projects, our customers attend operators courses with us. We also offer standalone robot courses at different levels of complexity, adapted to the target market.