Software & Applications

internet - resizeIECore 2.0  – “An Object-based approach to traditional control systems”

Technology developed by Intek comprises the following core functionalities of control systems:

  • Object-based mindset on PLC/Robot/PC level
  • Standardized interfaces between objects
  • Same-platform and bus solutions covers everything from small machines to large production lines
  • Uniform interfaces, independent of underlying equipment
  • Standardized hardware modules – “Plug & Play”

Intek has developed an object-based system to handle the management of everything from small cylinders to complex communications with superiors computer systems. Full flexibility is taken care of, and the platform can communicate seamlessly between different systems.

IECore is added as a base platform and is prepared with a standardized objects-management-system with associated functions (cylinders, motors, servo drives, etc.).

All basic functions are thoroughly tested and proven. Also contained are functions for diagnosis, automatic alarm management, built-in service functions, logging, etc.

The control portion of the platform basis forms a standardized way of communication for the different machine parts.

For the human interface (HMI), this provides a flexible and innovative way to operate the machine which is also recognizable by the operator regardless of which machine part/function he serves.

Service functions are made available by logging in to a higher user level.