Safety / Environment

Intek Group has zero tolerance for harm to people and internal/external environment. For us, it’s about having respect for people, the environment around us, and lasting property. We work according to established procedures and continuous preventive measures, so that we can effectively prevent damage and injuries while creating a safe and secure workplace. As we see it, Good HSE work is not only important in terms of health, safety, environment, and quality. We also believe that there is great economy in this type of work. Employees who are confident thrive better, and employees who enjoy working are also more effective. We are convinced that a continuous focus on HSE contribute positively to the company’s finances. We therefore regard this work as a long-term and necessary contribution to the company’s finances, reputation, and continued growth.


Intek Group constantly strives to improve its processes and, in so doing, achieve improved results for our customers and owners. We are known for our high level of quality achievements, both in products and services. We are therefore proud to deliver service according to our customers’ expectations. Intek Group achieves excellent results primarily because we have a staff with inspired and skillful workers, well-established routines, and a culture for improvement.